We deploy a unique synergy of strong Legal & IT & Marketing & SEO credentials to analyse legislative & commercial complexities & produce software solutions that we can drive traffic to. Contact us to discuss your suggestion or potential joint venture involving developing & marketing a red tape solution for any industry or profession in any jurisdiction

Project Types

Our unique skill set is optimised in projects that meet these specifications.

  • Legal analysis component that is beyond 99.9% programmers.
  • Of obvious benefit and value to a large enough pool of people and businesses.
  • The pool is readily identifiable e.g. an industry or profession.
  • The learning curve to use the solution will be low, so it doesn’t offset the benefit.
  • Needs to store data and eliminate double-entry.
  • Needs to do something tricky with that data.
  • Needs to comply with legislation or other directives.
  • May need to digitise large amounts of published numeric data.
  • Needs to produce nicely formatted reports or completed-forms in pdf format.
  • Is needed reasonably often but not continuously (as that creates server load problems).
  • Development and marketing time is commensurate with returns.
Your Part

Contrary to belief, ideas are not all that valuable until someone invests time work money painstaking focus and risk into developing them. We can generate dozens of ideas a week but developing them all could take decades.

Example – Employee tasked with tedious stressful compliance or calculation, wanting ease and brownie-points instead.
  • You might simply be an employee tired of some taxing red tape task who wishes there was a better way. Rather than paying someone with the skill set to work out what could be done, and more to develop it, with unknown delay and quality control – you may have an opportunity with us to have that custom solution made for free.
  • If we decide the solution is of wide enough benefit, your role would be as the initial test-user, advising and giving feedback until the solution is solid and valuable.
  • Your boss should be thrilled at the initiative you took.
Example – Prominent figure with large influence over and close contact with a large industry or profession.
  • If you have an intimate knowledge of a need, and the influence to promote a quality solution, then clearly that is best served as a formal joint-venture, since you will play an important role in specifying and promoting it.
Example – Somewhere in Between.
  • Contact us to discuss your idea and circumstances.

Naturally, we can execute Non Disclosure Agreements as appropriate.

Our Part

We either develop projects in our name, or as a joint venture.

We can attend any and all of the following:

  • Systems analysis from a Law perspective.
  • Systems analysis from an IT perspective.
  • Pre-start market research, in particular regarding internet search volumes and competition.
  • Pre-start market testing if needed e.g. using Pay Per Click to a dedicated website.
  • Software and ancillary development, with or without outsourcing (Law-IT components are always in-house).
  • Intellectual property issues.
  • Website domain-name selection having regard to prevailing SEO best practices (partial v. exact-match).
  • Product website development with appropriate traffic and conversion imperatives, including siloing and deploying private networks.
  • Product licensing and renewal management.
  • Software support.
  • Implementing an affiliate program.
  • Designing product launch funnel.
  • Promoting Launch Jacking opportunities to professional internet marketers.
  • Sales Funnels.
  • Google + Amazon integration if needed.
  • Search Engine Optimisation for product including the use of video and social media.
  • JV with target industry members, using their customer lists.
  • Copy writing.
  • Implementing proper feedback systems for quality control

The legal dimension is very important, and potentially critical.

Engaging a lawyer-programmer is a completely superior proposition to engaging a lawyer to instruct a programmer:

  • There can be subtle legal interpretations to be made which a regular programmer could not make. Legislation is not set out like a programmer’s project specification.
  • There can be errors in the legislation that are not immediately obvious. We have detected many errors in legislation and had the skill, credibility and confidence to have the legislation amended, rather than propagating calculation absurdities.
  • The lawyer whose head is on the chopping block has no way of checking that legal algorithms have been coded correctly, and a faulty subroutine may go undetected for a long time.
  • In contrast, we programmed a very complex piece of work involving multiple legislation, scores of algorithms, hundreds of thousands of numeric look-up data, and have yet to discover a single error after 10 years. Meanwhile finding dozens of errors in official websites, legislation, academic books, and industry professionals figures.
  • React rapidly to legislative amendments.
  • Generally having legal profession connections.

Example Case Study - Australian Family Law Superannuation

We computerised the majority of the Australian Family Law Superannuation legislation. This involves dozens of pieces of legislation, hundreds of thousands of table data items, scores of mathematical equations and dozens of perfectly formatted complex reports. Created in 2003 with over one million lines of software code, no error has ever been detected by anyone (or by any of dozens of our own internal tests) despite the reports being used in a contested family law litigation environment. On the contrary, our solutions have detected multiple defects in the legislation itself, and errors in other consultant & academic publications, and the Attorney-General’s own website examples.