NSW Interest Calculator

The New South Wales Lawyers Edition includes the components designated for it in the Overview & Feature Details section.

It includes all the features of Junior Lawyers and Senior Lawyers editions, and also:

  • After calculating interest it can proceed to calculate NSW Scale Costs for Statement of Claim and Default/Judgement etc.
  • Generates precedent text for pasting into court pleadings.
  • See the video at right. Although it features an earlier version, it is still an accurate representation, albeit without the latest better looking reports and rates.

Recommended editions

  • New South Wales lawyers should use this edition unless they fit the criteria for Elite Lawyers below.
  • Queensland lawyers should use Qld Lawyers.
  • Tax lawyers wherever they are, and firms working in both Queensland and New South Wales should use Elite Lawyers.
  • All other lawyers should use Senior Lawyers which in addition to multiple transactions etc includes the  Australian Tax Estimator derivative calculations which are useful in commercial, personal injuries, family law and personal situations.
  • Lawyers mostly engaged in Criminal Law, or other field with a low percentage of litigation, should contact us regarding a low-use discount.

The specifications could change from time to time, so this page is subject to the Overview & Feature Details section which contains the master specification. That section will prevail in the event of any inadvertent inconsistency with the page shown here.

Example: NSW Costs
Example: Interest on own Fees
Example: Interest on Inter-Entity Loans


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