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This complimentary calculator calculates interest using the current interest rate in each jurisdiction. You will need Calin - Lawyer's Interest Calculator in these other situations:

  • Period involves past interest rates.
  • You need particulars of calculation for court pleadings.
  • You need to print details of the calculation.
  • Other interest rates - eg bank rates.
  • Take leap years into account.
  • Compound & periodic interest.
  • Data input validation.

Caution - check interest rates carefully and please advise us if the page and rates are out of date!

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Calin's list of supported Australian interest rates and their oldest and newest rate changes.

No.NameStartedLast Change
1Qld Magistrates Court Pre-Judgment 25-Feb-1993 01-Jan-2014
2WA Sup Ct Pre-Judgment 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
3Qld Supreme Court Pre-Judgment 25-Feb-1993 01-Jan-2014
4Qld District Court Pre-Judgment 25-Feb-1993 01-Jan-2014
5NSW Sup Ct Post-Judgment 01-Jul-1972 01-Jan-2014
6ATO General Interest Charge 01-Jul-1992 01-Jan-2014
7ATO Late Payment 01-Jul-1992 01-Jul-1999
8Family Law Act Post Judgment 08-May-1987 01-Jul-2013
9Federal Court Post-Judgment 01-Aug-1979 01-Jan-2014
10SA Mag Ct Post-Judgment 01-Jan-2000 01-Jan-2000
11WA Mag Court Pre-Judgment 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
12WA D Ct Pre-Judgment 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
13NSW D Ct Pre-Judgment 01-Jul-1972 01-Jan-2014
14NSW Loc Ct Pre-Judgment 01-Jul-1972 01-Jan-2014
15NSW Sup Ct Pre-Judgment 01-Jul-1972 01-Jan-2014
16NSW D Ct Post-Judgment 01-Jul-1972 01-Jan-2014
17NSW Loc Ct Post-Judgment 01-Jul-1972 01-Jan-2014
18Vic Mag Ct Pre-Judgment 01-Jul-1983 07-Oct-2013
19Vic Mag Ct Post-Judgment 01-Jul-1983 07-Oct-2013
20Vic Cty Ct Pre-Judgment 01-Jul-1983 07-Oct-2013
21Vic Cty Court Post-Judgment 01-Jul-1983 07-Oct-2013
22Vic Sup Ct Pre-Judgment (PIRA) 01-Jul-1983 07-Oct-2013
23Vic Sup Ct Post-Judgment 01-Jul-1983 07-Oct-2013
24SA District Ct Post-Judgment 04-Sep-2006 01-Jan-2014
25SA Mag Ct Pre-Judgment 01-Jan-2000 01-Jan-2000
26SA Sup Ct Post-Judgment 01-Jan-1987 01-Jan-2014
27SA Sup Ct Pre-Judgment 01-Jul-2010 01-Jan-2014
28ACT Mag Ct Post-Judgment 01-May-1986 01-Jan-2014
29ACT Sup Ct Pre-Judgment 01-Jan-1974 01-Jan-2014
30ACT Sup Ct Post-Judgment 01-Oct-1977 01-Jan-2014
31Tas Sup Ct Pre-Judgment 01-Jul-2010 01-Jan-2014
32Tas Sup Ct Post-Judgment 01-May-2000 01-Jan-2014
33NT Local Ct Post-J 01-Sep-1987 01-Jan-2014
34NT Supreme Ct Post-J 01-Sep-1987 01-Jan-2014
35Federal Court Pre-Judgment 01-Jan-1991 01-Jan-2014
36Fed Mag Ct Post-Judgment 01-Aug-1979 01-Jan-2014
37WA D Ct Post-Judgment 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
38WA Mag Ct Post-Judgment 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
39WA Sup Ct Post-Judgment 28-Jun-1991 11-Sep-1997
40Qld Magistrates Court Post-Judgment 17-Dec-1983 01-Jan-2014
41Qld Supreme Court Post-Judgment 17-Dec-1983 01-Jan-2014
42Qld District Court Post-Judgment 17-Dec-1983 01-Jan-2014
43ACT Mag Ct Pre-J Commenced Before 15-7-1992 01-Jul-1981 10-Jan-2005
44ACT Mag Ct Pre-J Commenced 15/7/92 to 10/1/2005 01-Jul-1981 10-Jan-2005
45ACT Mag Ct Pre-J Commenced after 9/1/2005 01-Jul-1981 01-Jan-2014
46RBA Cash Rate Target 02-Aug-1990 07-Aug-2013
47Vic Legal Profession Act 2004 08-Nov-2007 07-Aug-2013
48NSW Legal Profession Act 01-Oct-2005 07-Aug-2013
49ATO Shortfall Interest Charge 01-Apr-2005 01-Jan-2014
50ATO Base Rate of Interest 01-Jan-1971 01-Jan-2014
51RBA Bank Accepted Bills (90 days) 01-Jan-1970 01-Jan-2014
52ATO Div7A Benchmark Interest Rates 01-Jul-1998 01-Jul-2013
53NSW Pre-Judgment (Using Sched 5 to 30/6/10 then CRT) 01-Jul-1972 01-Jan-2014
54ATO Interest on Early and Over Payments 01-Jan-1971 01-Jan-2014
55Qld Interest on Money Orders 01-Jul-1998 01-Jan-2014

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